Friday, July 5, 2013

True Blue, I Like !

I never understand what the heck is so beautiful about true blue (I was either sleeping or getting ready to party at these time) plus the Lighting is not Enough, Shutter speed is slow and the thing that I hate most USING A BLOODY TRIPOD!

But then, since Francis is here, I might as well try to learm abit more from him, so We happily sneaked up to the top floor of a parking lot and waited, and the worst thing in is, we cant smoke in the building. while I was patiently waiting, I was also impatiently waiting for us to finish so that I can go and smoke (bad habits) ! But as the evening gets darker the lights gets more visible and then finally I understand why Francis is happily waiting with his tripod and shutter release... for a priceless shot.

ISO : 100
Aperture : 20
Shutter Speed : 30 Sec (almost wanted to do bulb)